How We Got Started

My Story

For all my life, since I can remember I’ve been a professional photographer.  I have shot everything from product (studio work) to Sports, I shot for Sports Illustrated for a few years doing  the A’s, Giants, and 49ers.  I shot hundreds of weddings, bar mitzvahs (which I loved), family portraits, and a mass of makeovers where I would do hair and make-up but also would dress them.  I shot professional modeling

Portfolio's,  to photographing Hillary Clinton (in Paris) for “Telescopes in Education” and the Robotics competitions for Nasa.  I owned a business in Sunnyvale, Ca. for 15 years.  My shooting career has spanned over 40 years and has taken me to many places.  Art and fashion I have always loved and followed throughout my life.  For the past 6 years I’ve been helping a life long friend of mine (once a month) at the “Antique’s Fair” where I started to get into antique’s.  Being in photography most my life I had a lot of dresses, hats, shoes, and other things I had accumulated.  In fact, I would dress many of my friends for any special occasions they had going on (still do).   My dear friend “Lydia Jones Michaels” and myself talked many times about having a store with a variety of things in one place.  Unique, and different things that you don’t see everyday.   Lydia had the vision but not the longevity,  she past away.  I would lose 3 other dear friends that year.   This is my  dedication to them. 

   I started learning how to build webpages, HTML, CSS, and PHP everything I could that goes with that.  I am living proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.   I told friends what I was doing and they all wanted to contribute and they did.   Today, though not perfect (work in process) is here for all of you to see.  I want to make this a fun experience for you,  I’m so sure you will find something you like.  Everything on this site is one of a kind so get it while you can.  When it’s gone it’s gone.  I’ll be adding things everyday so please stop back often.  If you are looking for something special and don’t see it here,  let us know perhaps we can find it for you.  We will give it our best.

I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my site, it was put together with you in mind.

Happy Shopping,



Also we buy things if you have something you would like to sell give us a call or drop us an email.  Always, we will accept donations.  We are local in Sunnyvale, Ca.